Tofu Ichiban – one of the famous tofu brands in Vietnam Wet Market

Date Submitted: 06/04/2021 - 09:23 AM

With more than 20 years in Vietnam Tofu market, Ichiban is one of the famous tofu brands.

Uncle Tư – An Thinh Phat distributor is the first distributor that chose Ichiban as a partner in their tofu business at Binh Dien Wholesales market, district 8, Ho Chi Minh City and now, An Thinh Phat is the no. 1 distributor with average sales revenue per month nearly 2,000,000,000 vnd.

Uncle Tư – the name that we call as a family - the owner of An Thinh Phat distributor shared with us:  “ I knew Ichiban from the very first day, When K. Mongkol and his wife bring tofu to Binh Dien market to sell. In that time, these Ichiban tofu products were totally brand news so most of wholesalers didn’t want to give a shot. However, after I eat and listen to K. Mongkol about his passion in tofu, his dream to bring the healthy, delicious tofu to Vietnamese,  and understood more about the product knowledge, I strongly believe that Ichiban tofu products will be the no. 1 tofu brand in Vietnam, so I made my decision to be a partner of Ichiban company. Because the tofu is very delicious, soft, fragrant and greasy, very unique and I love his passion, his dream. I am glad and proud that I am the first and the no. 1 distributor of Ichiban company.”

To expand our business in nationwide of Vietnam, we’d like to welcome all distributors that feel interested in tofu, soymilk, Kim Chi business of Ichiban.