Tissue E’mos

Date Submitted: 19/11/2021 - 08:47 PM

Now a day, E’mos has continuous new product development with unique selling points.

Recent Example of New Products Development :

E’mos Extra Toilet 10 rolls.- ,High quality tissue with imported raw material, completely free of toxic bleaching chemicals. Tougher- softer-more absorbent - safe to health and completely environmental friendly.

Facial E'mos Premium box 180 sheets 2ply- Design Box flower of four seasons, Natured white, soft, strength, good wet Strength.

Facial E'mos Special 250 sheets 2ply- Design Softpack of colorful Flower, Soft, strength, good wet Strength Cheaper while quality is good to compete with Virgin pulp softpack.

Napkin E’mos Pop-Up 100 sheets 2 ply- Design of packing softpack with colorful Flower, Small pack, convenience to carry &using or use in cafes, food shop/stall.