ICHIBAN SOYMILK UHT - "The Essence of Success"

Date Submitted: 13/06/2023 - 11:14 AM

"Super product" ICHIBAN soy milk was officially launched very impressively at the product launch event with the presence of very special guests.


As a market leader in soy products for more than 20 years, ICHIBAN strives to meet the nutritional needs of consumers with high quality products used daily. . ICHIBAN soy milk with breakthrough strengths: 93% soy extract, natural, chemical-free, along with a convenient experience promises to be a great assistant in writing the journey to improve health and nutrition for community.


The face of ICHIBAN's ambassador was also officially revealed at the event - Coach Kiatisuk Senamuang. With his achievements and adept leadership talent, Kiatisuk is the image that ICHIBAN wishes to accompany on the path of conveying the message "The Essence of Success" to everyone.


Confident and ensure the source of high-quality raw materials along with leading production technology. ICHIBAN continues to develop and launch a new line of soy milk products with a delicious taste and convenient packaging design, easy to store and can be taken anywhere.
Let's immediately discover what's special about ICHIBAN's new product:
93% non-GMO soybean extract
Natural without chemicals
Premium packaging with Japanese style
Produced and imported directly from Thailand
With the highest soy extract on the market, ICHIBAN hopes that this product will be a new companion on your way to improving your health.