Fundamental Of Leadership

Date Submitted: 11/12/2021 - 12:02 PM

With the criterion of providing a professional working environment, taking care of employees’ life in the best way, our company - Thai Corp International Vietnam always focus on coaching & training skills to improve our employees’ knowledge, skills & working quality at all levels, as long as to spread out the positive working energy to each of people.

The Fundamental of Leadership (27th November,2021) with the Host is Khun Sombat Onniam –  Managing Director (MD) of Thai Corp International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. and Ichiban Foods Co., Ltd., who shares valuable knowledge and his experiences which accumulated over 28 years on FMCG market with multinational corporation company.

This training course will help all participants to build a solid and effective leadership skill foundation, promote the strengths, improve the weaknesses, convey the inspirations and positive working energy to management/ supervisor level so that they can lead their team step by step to achieve success together.

In addition, this training course also bring the core values that are easy to engrave in their hear and practice to build a manager/supervisor to become a true leader with the criterion as:

“Passion, Discipline and Teamwork”